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Movement for Every Body

My journey to becoming the best trainer for every body

When I became a personal trainer 7 years ago, I did it with the clear goal of helping people. I had successfully navigated an “exciting” career in fashion, but it had long ceased to feel rewarding. I had been passionate about fitness and health for well over a decade by then, and felt like it was a natural path for me to follow in my quest for a more gratifying profession.

In the years since, I have encountered and worked with people from all backgrounds with different fitness levels, challenges, and goals. Despite the differences among them, movement remained a constant in establishing and maintaining a higher quality of life.

This all sounds pretty obvious, right? Of course it does to our logical mind. We have all read the same articles, social media posts, etc. But even the most dedicated gym rats I know hit slumps once in a while, and that’s because our bodies aren’t out there walking around like a robot…it has to contend with changing hormones, work deadlines, seasonal changes, illness, aging, too many shots of tequila…the list goes on. So often, we create our own barriers to just MOVING, which in my experience with clients has rarely been a cause for regret and is - 99.9% of the time - the road to feeling better.

As a young trainer, I excelled at the compassion aspect of connecting with a client. I understood (and still do) the anxiety and fear that often accompanies meeting with a trainer. It can be intimidating that there is someone solely dedicated to finding your weaknesses and correcting them. Believe it or not, it doesn’t always feel warm and fuzzy having those things under a spotlight. Where I struggled was with the honesty and “tough love” part of being a trainer. I didn’t want to hurt feelings or create fear. However, experience has shown me that the only way I can be true to my goal of helping people is to embrace the more uncomfortable element of my job as well.

What this means for you!

So my grown-up trainer advice is this: Move your body. If it’s not getting you the results you are looking for, change how, how often, and with what intensity you move it. Change doesn’t happen without real effort, but as I said before, I have never encountered someone who put forth that effort and regretted it. Movement is truly for every body, and every body will benefit from movement.

And if you need guidance on how to start moving, or want to work with me on a program designed for you, contact me below to get started.

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